Candy Station - Princess Victoria's Full Month


Little girls are blessings from heaven, to warm parents' hearts, to bring joy and colours to parents' lives.

For Victoria's full month celebrations, we attempt the design in pastel theme colours, shades of pink, blue, yellow, purple and little red.

We'd love to give the overall presentation a princessy feel, yet not too mature looking by incorporating some baby elements like rattles, carousel, safety pins, little teddy and milk bottles.


We truly love the bite size mini eclairs for Victoria's candy station. They looks so adorable with tiny ribbon roses on them, you just could not bear to eat them...



Being one of the most popular desserts, we presented summer breeze in push pop. It is fun and easy, the next round you see one from friend's party, please act real fast to grab one!

Chocolate bars are delicious, we adore them in personalised wrapper that compliment to the theme.


Beautiful rocking horse cookies with elegant pearls made wonderful doorgifts.


If you enjoy raspberry, you must not miss the opportunity to taste one of these cuties, the raspberry mini.


A beautiful candy station makes a stunning centerpiece to party, delicious cakes and pastries, thematic approach with personal touch.


Personalised invite in soft copy to easy mailing

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