Candy Station - Snow White


In this sweet table, our customer set her eyes on fairytale princess Snow White, for her sweet little princess, Caelee's first birthday celebration.

The vibrant colours of red, blue and yellow brought a cheerful ambience to this setup. I'd love to have a simple design for the cake centerpiece but it must be dressed with excellent craftmanship with a touch of gold to bring out the elegance of princess theme.


I envisioned a princess figurine with sweet smile and beautiful big eyes, holding to an apple, not forgetting her best friends, the seven dwafts are coming along to the party too...



Thinking of Snow White, I immediately thought of the magic mirror in this fairytale.

Mirror cookies turned out to be so magical and adorable, we do not want to take our eyes off them.

Blue macarons are filled with blueberry cream while the red macarons are filled with strawberry cream, yummy...



In addition to mini cupcakes, please take a look at our apple cheese tarts, each of them are garnished with a handmade sugar miniature apple, wow..... I'd like to have one, how about you?


Our customer has selected fairy floss (candy floss) for Caelee's sweet table.


Thank you for visiting us, I wish the great effort we dedicated to every piece of our works bring joy to your viewing.

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