Designer Dessert Table - Enchanted Garden

Take a pleasurable tour with us, let the serenity of our enchanted garden takes your breath away...


The Cherylshuen's dessert table is a lovely presentation that is good to see and good to eat.

For See Hiong and Dyan's designer dessert table, we pampered their guests by creating these delicious sweets, in the theme of enchanted garden, with impressive decorating skills to present the theme to its fullest.


Being one of the most popular cake flavours, it is not a surprise that the couple chose to include in the dessert menu.

In addition to wonderful desserts, we love to bring guests imagination to another level by adorable arrangement.

To compliment the theme, we came out with the idea of floral lantern, take a look at the little round lantern in the glass jar, let the little child of you be adored with our thoughtfulness.

Macaron is simply divine, we just love to make it even prettier with a wreath of flowers and a sweetheart to symbolic the romantic night.

For berry fans, we will present to you the raspberry minis, help yourself, they are delicious!