Value of flour versus value of cake

Every person adores beautiful things. However, when comes to making a decision to own a beautiful piece of edible craft, the true pain lies on how we determine its value.

Many clients express their curiousity of how the value of designer cakes are determined. It does not seem justify when one compares the value of sugar and flour, to the price tag of a designer cake.

Some honestly revealed their attempts in making their own cakes. "I am not able to justify the price", "what makes your cake worth more than others?"


We are all gifted in our own ways. Some people does excellent calculations, some people does wonderful planning, some people are able to sew and some people are naturally excellent in mastering languages.

Being able to bake, design and decorate cakes, is not any more than the talents mentioned above, or any less. Therefore, the value of cake is to be determined on the talent of the cake designer one engages, not to be weighed against the value of flour and sugar.


The beauty of cake art is equally valuable as any other form of art. The choice of which designer to engage is a choice of life style, depends on one's taste and affordability.

When comes to assessing a cake designer, few considerations are crucial.

A reputable cake designer built her career milestones through many years of practical experience.

This can be proved by the recognition a cake designer received in terms of media features, testimonials as well as vast profile photos that a designer can showcase.

Skill and technical knowledge in carrying out cake projects are valuable know-how to offer good service that leads to customer satisfactions.

Price tag of a cake therefore, does not equal to the price of flour and sugar, it actually reflects the pursue of quality lifestyle one behold through the engagement of quality talents.


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