Membership Privilege

1. How to become a member?
You will be eligible to become one of our members should you have personalised any cake in Fondant - Signature Series, Fondant - Designer Series or Fresh Cream Designer Cake or sweet tables with Cherylshuen in the past. All you need to do is to get in touch with us, and express your interests in being our members, we will trace your order history. The Cherylshuen team is maintaining an order history but we only recognise member whose order history is traceable, thank you for your understanding. 
2. May I pay a fee to join the membership?
Thank you for your interests, the Cherylshuen membership is not available for sale.
3. Am I still a member? I used to have a reward card issued by Cherylshuen.
Yes, you are always our member, please quote your member card number, or registered mobile number. Alternatively, please provide your past order information and we will trace your history.
4. What is the privilege of being a member?
From 28 September 2018 onwards, the Cherylshuen member will enjoy the following privileges:
  • Coming up soon... please check again

5. Will there be any future changes to membership terms and conditions, and privileges offered? 
The Cherylshuen team will review the membership privileges in every 6 months interval and reserves full right to introduce or withdraw any privilege without serving advance notice to our members.
6. Terms and conditions​​
  • All membership privileges are subject by Cherylshuen's terms and conditions.

  • Membership discount cannot be utilised in conjuction with other forms or discount or privileges.

  • Any privileges or discounts arose as a result of order or transaction, will be charged in accordance to full retail pricing should any cancellation of order took place.

  • Cherylshuen has the full right to determine the membership eligibility, we also have full right to cancel any membership in the event we recognise the need to do so.

  • In the event of conflicts, Cherylshuen reserves full rights to decide and our decision is final.