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Cherylshuen's sweet table makes the most value for money decoration that worth to be invested. It is highly personalised in colours and theme, to reflect the personality and lifestyle of our clients. It also serves as a photo booth that excited guests can take photos to capture the sweetest moment during celebration. After all, the delicious cakes and sweets are consumable in addition to their photogenic visuals.

Designer Dessert Table - Knottical

​ We are very much in love with Andreas and Dian's nautical theme dessert table, which was presented in elegant colours of mint green and ivory, at the historical Church of St Teresa. The classic presentation brings out the flavour of a nautiful theme in a tasteful manner.

Designer Dessert Table - Pharmacy

Twenty-one is such a beautiful part in our life that we will want to remember, sweetly and elegantly. Stay tuned for more to photos to reveal this beautiful dessert table that Chef Pei Shuen designed for Nur Fazilah's fabulous celebrations.

Candy Station - Construction Vehicle

Little boys love vehicles don't they? This is no exception for cute twin boys, Dharren and Naveen. We adopted a more colourful approach in this candy station, to achieve a bright and cheerful setting that is captivating. We have so much fun to create all necessary details for this candy station, from personalised backdrop and name buntings that our customer will keepsake after the party, to cakes and sweets that our customers and their guests will savour. Traffic lights are special to little gentlemen. When daddy sees a yellow light, he will slow down his driving, and the car will completely stop when the light turns red. When the green light is on, our car is moving again... isn't this fasc

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